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Raise food to welcome St Janani Luwum pilgrimage in Gulu and Kitgum

Prof. Joseph Otim John shared his view on three things and says if Acholi community put St Janani Luwum in their heart, they must parish God. St Janine Luwum united all Ugandans, now Acholi must unite let us desist from division of religious denomination.

Prof Otim insist that when calamity occurs community will parish, without unity the catastrophe will alienate them, the death of Luwum have united all Ugandans that is why the all world stood with.

Let us unit as one people, God have heard our voices, in the 1970s when Amin killed Acholi and Langi, the all Ugandans thought Acholi were bad that why Amin killed. But when dictator Amin the monster started killing other Ugandans they begin to believe Amin was bad person.

The  Director of Radio Uganda   Apollo Lawoko prayed with the late Arch Bishop in cell, witnessed how he was killed ,  and later that very day Ambassador David Mwaka witnessed the wreck vehicle that was alleged to have killed St Janani Luwum.

GULU-UGANDA:  Ambassador David Mwaka revealed how the state managed to hoodwinked Ugandans that the late St Janani Luwum died in car accidence.

In a brief note says footmark journey that started from Namirember Cathedral is from the late Arch bishop St Janani Luwum residence where he was living, before Amin’s killer squad arrested him.

Ambassador Mwaka  says he also participated in that walk, but because of his advanced ages he could not keep with pace.

Mwaka says that  on the fateful Feb. 16, 1977,  he came across something very strange in Nakasero road, says he was a young man in Kampala. On that evening he was driving to pick his little young daughter not far from school Nakasero primary school, he was heading to Nakasero Nursery school.

“I found a beautiful vehicle, beautiful mingle in accidence it was new white car, the scène showed that there was some thing in the making.” Mwaka revealed

He says by that time was working a Principal Officer with Minister of Culture and Tourism, says he had just met Arch Bishop Janani Luwum from British Airport while they were traveling back to Uganda.

From gate Airport Arch Bishop Luwum entered into Uganda Airline the only one left, he rose up to welcome him, and after greeting  Arch Bishop, he was led to next seat behind him, we spoke, but that was his last words with slain Arch Bishop Luwum, Ambassador Mwaka urged.

Ugandans learned through Uganda Television News, UTV 8.00 PM NEWS bulletin  that the Arch Bishop of Uganda, Rwanda Burundi and Boga Zaire  died in tragic motor accidence between Uganda Club and Nakasero primary school.

Ambassador Mwaka in his statement says somebody who introduced himself as Moses Okello appeared during the UTV bulletin   claiming that he was involved  in a motor  accident some hour ago, say some people assaulted him, he mention  three people  as Arch Bishop Janani Luwum, Lt Col. Oboth Ofumbi, and Lt. Col. Eronayo Oryema, Okello claimed. But people seem not believed in his story of the purported  car accidence, he argued.

He further more revealed that the man who appeared in the news was walking holding life support, clamming that the duo who he was driving them fought  him and later injury him badly during the fight and lost control of the vehicle resulting to the accidence.  But later when he turn back to walk the UTV footage show him,  walking normally without life support.

An eyes witness how President Amin killed Arch Bishop Janani Luwum

Apollo Lawoko who saw how the man St Janani Luwum  was killed, ays he was arrested and taken to Nakasero dungeon in commando’s style thrown in State Research Bureaus underground cell on the 15 Feb 1977, the day  before St Janani Luwum was arrested and killed.

Muzee Lawoko says he was in charged of preparation  of the coverage of the ill-fated Conference of the Bishop of Church of Uganda and Uganda Army Commander with UTV crew members, the conference was called by President Idi Amin at Nile Manson , but at 5.00PM he was arrested by soldiers on trampled up charges of treason, tortured and became  unconscious  thrown in the dungeon without clothe.

He realized himself in the following day that he was in the dungeon of Nakasero when his room mate told him.

Lawoko says he can still recalled the action that took place on him and others follow in mate, says then little later by the time he was in deep pain, another groups of people were pushed in the cell, and his massive pain disappeared immediately when he saw the more battered scene from then than his.

“At 4.00PM they heard another footmark of vehicle being driven outside coming to the  cell,  little later soldiers pushed two people who later turned out to be Lt. Col Oboth Ofumbi the then Defense Minister and Lt. Col Eroniya Oryema the then Internal Miniter were pushed.” Muzee Apollo Lawoko urged.

He further disclosed that they  soullessness prisoners began to wonder if Amin’s henchmen go to such extent to treat his ministers in that way.

“Although my pain was equally bad, but the brutalities which the soldiers were subjecting to the ministers and Arch Bishop Luwum were so intent and alarming” Lawoko said

Adding that while they were contemplating what was the issue, a moment later another victim was pushed in, and that was none rather than Arch Bishop Janani Luwum, his dresses was being removed by forcefully.

Muzee Lawoko account indicated that the soldiers were beating him too and punching him allover the cell, he was left with under pan. But Arch Bishop Luwum told them you will suffer more than any Ugandans who you are  killing.

“You will also suffer more than I am while pointing at dreaded soldiers; they stood for a moment and later took him back to the other cell where they came from.”

Muzee Lawoko says later he was brought back to the  cell dressed in his clock where they were, Arch Bishop Luwum say to them let us pray, the Bishop asked them to knell down; they were about 15 people in the room.

Muzee Lawoko further says with a lot of kindness all of them agreed and  bowed down and prayed together with St Janani Luwum for almost 30 minuets before he was then taken away by the soldiers.

Later  another round of footmark of vehicle approached Nakasero cell, later they learned that the vehicle brought President Amin, and  soldiers came for Luwum, and they took him up in the upper cell.

“We heard President Amin shouting you want to kill me, I will kill you before you kill me.”

By that time Major Gen. Faruk the then Director of Uganda dreaded Research Bureaus was in the cell with them.

“Gen. Faruk cell number 2 was up stair he  wanted three of them  to follow him, the wanted people included me Apollo Lawoko, Okidi Menya, and Okot YY, we went to his office which was at the entrance of Dungeon cell; first  we have to pass through  the cell where the late  Arch Bishop Janani Luwum was with  President Amin, unfortunately  there were so many escort  and  Amin was  integrating arrested people together  with Col. Malamungu.”  Muzee Lawoko disclosed.

While they were in Gen. Faruk office they heard two slapping and immediately guns short follow, immediately silent befouled , President Amin had already short Arch Bishop Janani Luwum  through his moth, disturb Lawoko narrated to  NUMEC journalists.

Gen. Faruk left them immediately when the gun short was fired; he hurriedly and rust out while sweating furiously directing them to go back into their cell.

“One of the soldiers told them if any of you say what you saw here to the people down, you will follow suit.” They three of them went quietly as  a lost sheep, Lawoko disclosed.

Muzee Lawoko says when they were in Gen. Faruk office, two new people were brought in, Lalobo Lezy commissioner for Labour and Abudalla Anyuru Head of Public Services were lying down in fool of blood, and later the two were killed by firing squad in Kampala.

“My appeals to our people let us turn up to welcome Dr. Olara Otunnu and the pilgrimage when they cross Karuma to Acholi land because whereas they passed they were been given hero welcome, on the quest of tracing the last foot-mark of St Janani Luwum, is our contribution,

Prof Joseph Otim John says that the history is in the making St Janani Luwum did not abandon his flock; he died with his lamb that is why the all world horned him.

“God says with the sweet of their strength you can be relieved.”

People in the north the Luo Speaking Acholi people three things to parish God for, St Janine Luwum united all Ugandan, now Acholi must unit nothings should divide us even religious domination.

Prof, Otim alluded that even if when epidemic occur in Acholi community (Ka gemo moni mito bino ipaco, ci wa ryemo gemo woko, wa twero roco kwo wa ka waloko kun watiyo lubo kwo pa lim).













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