Atiko who is out of police bond on alleged attempted raps is asking the family of rap suspect to negotiate out of police

Gulu-uganda: Atiko one of the member of  Acholi National Conference mobilizer is out on police bond, he is out of police bond on attempted sexual harassment, sources from Northern Uganda Policde Regional Aswa Region said

The suspect sexual harassment  is believed to in her early 20 years old, police an eyes witness revealed.

The accused Walter Atiko Gulu CPS record number show that the  SD REF 50/24/10/2019 charged of sexual harassment  case that has  been registered in Gulu CPS.

A friend of the alleged survivor  intimates to Oyeng Yeng News that on the faithful day when  Atiko contacted his victim  he had booked in Gulu Vision Hotel,  he told the gift that to come and get her commodities which was send from UK, says they message is very urgent must be  delivery to her in person.

When the victim reached Gulu Vision Hotel she contacted Atiko that she was in the reception, Atiko who was in side his room, argued the girl to go to his hotel room where he was police said.

. Atiko gave handed over some gifts to her, but remain with two mobile phone the victim narrates to Oyeng Yeng News.

Turn of event 

So, later when Atiko’s visitor realize that may be the remaining items Atiko still want to give her later, she told him that if in time he is in need to inform him, he could contact him later, she says by to him, and decided to called it a day.

Thus, when she was walking out of the hotel room, Atiko jump and hold her tied to the wall, begin to mob her body and tried to make foreplay

“He jump and grabbed the girl  pushed her to the wall, tried to kiss her,but the victim turn his head the other side  later threw her to the bed,  lost control, but I  cried him that you want to infect me with your HIV” the girl said

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