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The Uganda Police Brutality.


The 2021 general presidential polls, we need to change the Museveni’s government without bloodshed.

Norbert Mao motorcades was blocked by Uganda Police Forces in Nwoya district, forcing him to address his political campaign almost on road side, but luck was with him, he addressed people outside Nwoya Catholic Mission.

OMORO & NWOYA-UGANDA: Norbert Mao, the presidential candidate for Democratic Party (DP) ruled out the opposition forming a single party president in 2021 presidential polls.

“We have not agreed for a single opposition candidate, no opposition party has any ideas to step down, unless there are extraordinary developments.”

Mao says so when they come together in order to agree on the single candidate, this is not there aims of focus. But they still owe to each other that they have common ground.

The opposition party’s candidates that present change among the opposition candidates anyone who is voted will be voted for change. But if we failed to get 51 percent they shall go for re-run.

“Unfortunately in this election there are two sides of election, that is there those who want change, and others who do not want change.”

Mao promised in his regime he will protect President Museveni not to humiliate him, Museveni should go back and look after his cattle at Rwakatura. Says the northern Uganda conflict is over we are not witnessing guns short, but we still war on corruption, nepotism.

He appeals to the Nowya community in Northern Uganda that he has quality that should be voted for; he has the knowledge and the experience that is needed for the transition, a quality between Museveni Generation that was born in the 1940s generation and their generation of 1960s that can be bridge for transition.

Also, the generation that is connected to the past and the new generation, Uganda needs the president like him with healing and reconciliation.

The Uganda Police Brutality.

Mao motorcades were blocked in Nwoya District, “When I arrived in Anaka town, there was a barricade and police road block.”

Uganda problems is not COVID-19 pandemic is being used as an excuse, the real problem is Museveni. The president candidates are not allowed to talk to people, there will be poor quality of this election Uganda Police Forces and UPDF must be warned.

“I want to warn other operatives security apparatus when the big tree falls, it will fall on you, Uganda dictator Museveni will run away because he might even build his house in a foreign country, but the police and army will remain in Uganda.

We have our own challenge that the World is witnessing change, it is our duty as leaders to paint a big picture of unity, if we make our voice heard by voting Mao, our voice can be heard, he will be the glue not only for northern Uganda, but Uganda.

Mao says his agenda for these general presidential 2021 polls, a leader with set of value, nonviolence, national healing, reconciliation and truth telling

Mao made a stopover in west Acholi, Nwoya, Amuru and Omoro districts where he addresses rally calling for regime change in the fourth presidential polls

He attacks president Museveni for over staying in power for 35 years and yet our neighboring countries the DR. Congo and Burundi have changed their government peacefully.

“Can you imagine a less developed country like Burundi went to the polls without taking their countries through political turmoil? Why can Uganda also change the government without violence?” Mao urged

Mao argues that Uganda needs change, insisting that God started to liberate dictatorship from Egypt; Libya and went to Zimbabwe later settled in Burundi and D.R.Congo.

While traversing the districts in West Acholi Sub Region Nwoya, Amuru and Omoro districts Mao campaign mainly was about regime change, says Uganda  does not needs campaigning for the infrastructure development, road construction, water sector, poor health sector, high electricity tariff, oligarchy of Musevenism   and failure to stop corruption. But for the regime change, nothing else.

“My mission is to tell you that Uganda needs change of government and remove president Museveni from the reign of power after 35 years. Libya had better skyscraper and better roads than any countries in Africa during the Gadfi era, but Muhammad Gadfi did not read the sign of change people had want. And now Libya is a shadow of its own.”

What the Ugandans want is to let the government be change without bloodshed, comparing good things under President Museveni (Ruku war kom okutu) literally mean, however, good shoes is given to you, when you have torn in your foots, you still have problem to walks. This is compared to good development Uganda dictator Museveni infrastructure development, Ugandans are still in pain from bad leadership.

There are other people who in Museveni government that never seen regime change, while other have joined the Museveni’s bandwagon of the bus, put they are sitting on the engine

Mao criticizes the National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters in Acholi Sub Region of being short sighted those who are campaigning under the NRM flag bear, even if you see them as beacon of hope, when you elected them they will not stand for the issues that affect our people, they will be compromise.

When you voted for me, you are sending messages for the bad things that they government has been doing, the veteran issues, Wealth Operation Creation, the issues of stolen PRDP from the Prime Minister Office, the issue of Acholi War Debt Claimants and an fulfill promised of Juba Peace Agreement, Mao said.

Mao says his stand when elected he will make sure that constitutional review commission should be put as pre-request, because the 1995 Uganda Constitutions has been amended that make is weak, among other things.

In Opit trading center Mao argues people to vote Hon. Peter Okot, the MP for Toci County and Betty Kalama the candidate for DP in Omoro district, when you voted for them they will present the people of Omoro without being a turn coat.

Adding that every Uganda has to pay the World Bank loan, putting to young boy who was part of the congregation telling him that, “You young boy do you know that you have to pay UGX 1 million for the World Bank, even you the expectant mother do you know that even unborn baby you are carrying in your stomach will pay UGX 1 million.” Mao warned.

Challenging the people, those who have taken shelter during heavy downpour in NRM to come back and join him in the struggle for removing the oligarchy regime. Appealing to them the refugee seeker shelter in a witch doctor house, People burst in a thunder response to Mao telling him that let them now come out of the NRM bandwagon.


There jaunt academia in this place, but what is there value when they don’t speak for people, there are many people who hail from here but they are docile

He encourages youths in Ongako Sub County that they should not see his political message as simple matter, where he reaches, even if he will not finish the work, let someone among you take on his vision.

In Anaka town council, Mao says Acholi are the problem for themselves, because each person hates one another, citing the differences between Payira, Koch and Lamogi people, people are not cooperating.

There were good people and bad people amidst us, for example when he was still Gulu District Chairman, when he took his vehicle to park it somewhere in Kampala, somebody wrote on his vehicle the word, “Kony”. The people were associating him with Joseph Kony during the LRA insurgency, can’t you imagine.

Mao asserted that he fighting political war that was started by Obony Gino, Gaspar Odaa, Eilija Latim, Okeny Severo Atwoma



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