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The attempt to de-registered Ker Kawri Acholi, the Gazetted Constitution by Emeritus Rwot David Acana II boomerang


There was back and forth in Kitgum Municipality, as the Aswa East Region, Regional Police Commander picked Rwot Santo Richard Apire wished him and few Chiefs in an intensive two hours close door meeting as he was elected in absentia by 45 chiefs at Bomah Hotel.

By Okumu Livingstone Langol


Rear,alienation,disinformation,downgrading misinformation awashed Northern Uganda Media Houses following police stump out blocking Acholi cultural chiefs to hold elections in Kitgum Municipality.

Rwot Santos Richard Apire elected unopposed after being nominated by Rwot Pido John Lugayi, Rwot Pajule and he was seconded by Rwot Otira and Rwot Atiko Collin, and the nomination was called to a close.

John Pido Lugayi was elected Speaker of LawiRwodi, Acholi Paramount chief, and his Deputy elected is called George Nyeko.

Rwot Collin Atiko, Rwot Patiko elected Deputy Speaker and his co Deputy Rwot Otira.

Early on at 6.00PM local time Rwot Santo Richard, Interim chairman of Lawirwodi emerged from the motorcades of four vehicles including Uganda Police Mobile patrol car entered Bomah Hotel where election was being conducted by irate 45 Councils of Chief.

As soon as he settled down, Regional Police Commander Aswa East, gave orders to a waiting Council of Chief that they should have only 20 minutes to do their business and quit the place, otherwise he would use maximum force to bring the situation under control.

Rwot Obol of Padibbe was among the Acholi Chiefs who in a formal letter told Aswa East, Regional Police commander that the election was conducted. Therefore, there was no cause to disrupt the peace of the 45 chiefs who had converged in Kitgum to elect Rwot Santo Richard Apire.

The Aswa Regional Police Commander later gave the Rwot Santo Richard Apire allow them to take a photos shows in solidarity of the event, and later allow them to have lunch which had been prepared in different hotel in Kitgum Municipality.

At around 9.00AM the East African local time, the DPC came and picked Rwot Santo Richard Apire and his entourage and took them to the RPC’s office for a meeting, this followed the letter written by Otim, the Prime Minister of Rwot David Onen Acana II, who wrote to Aswa East RPC appealing to the police to stop the function which was scheduled on June, 14, 2024.

The Aswa East press statement is made as follow:

Reference is made to a notification letter dated 6th June 2024 by (interim chairperson) Rwot Richard Santo Apire on an intended meeting of Rwodi Acholi scheduled for 14th June 2024 at the Acaki hotel Kitgum Municipality.

Reference is also made to a counter document dated June 12th 2024 denouncing such arrangement from the office of Lawirwodi through the Prime Minister Ker Kwaro Acholi Rt. Hon. Michael Otim.

Upon several engagements, communication with the two concerned parties and stakeholders and extensive consultation with the District Security Office members, it’s resolved as follows:

The intended meeting ought to follow all legal and cultural procedures; the Agenda of the meeting should be spelt out clearly, detailing each item. This will aid Uganda Police Force in making decisions on its operation in line with the laws regarding public assemblies such as the one being called.

There is a national threat altering currently and the meeting is being planned in a very intense environment.

The DSO AND Aswa East Regional Police Commander has not met and discussed with the organizers how the said meeting has been elaborately planned so as to determine the logistic requirements, we are therefore constrained to allow the meeting proceed in this circumstance.

Given the intensity surrounding the said meeting, the chosen venue being a private property and a business premises is not conducive and secure for the said meeting in case it unfolds in an unanticipated way.

In light of the aforementioned concerns, the organizers are advised to broaden their consultations and seek further guidance including but not limited with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Security agencies and most importantly the laws establishing cultural and traditional institutions in Uganda. We therefore give no security clearance or grantee for the said meeting to take place.

The public is thus advised to stay away from being part of this assembly and the management of Acaki is hereby informed not to host the meeting as a safety precaution.

Signed Kitgum Residence District Commissioner Ssggwa Jimmy Ebil

The information reaching our news Desk is prior that the Kitgum RDC Ebil, Kitgum Mayor Okwera Ojara, Kitgum District Police Commander and East Aswa Regional Police Commander were compromised to block the above meeting.

The attempt by KKA of Rwot Santo Richard Apire to vindicate to Aswa East Regional Police Commander by showing the said request letter they wrote dated June, 14th 2024 seeking a meeting at Acaki hotel in Kitgum Municipality fell in deaf ears, all in vain Acaki hotel was cordoned off by dreaded Uganda Police officers.

But, nevertheless, Lawirwodi elect Santo Richard Apire’s team went ahead and crowned him Acholi paramount chief.

According to a concerned elder Okwera Mark in Gulu City, says there is political shift in Acholi Sub Region break through by Lawirwodi elect Santo Richard Apire, to justify this, the political arena which is being played now, there are demands and Philosophic phenomena that the power has been shifted from the August House to the traditional cultural base.

Because, the status quo currently places all the tangible and non tangible entities, like natural resources, land, minerals, environmental fauna and flora which has been devastated by politicians who are the custodians of power and in contrary they have abuse it at will.

The hope, humility and supreme autonomous of the past glory of Acholi chiefdom will be marred by revising the Oil and Gas contract that should have been signed between KKA and government of Uganda, as Bunyoro kingdom had done way back in 2004 with the government of Uganda when they signed Oil and Gas deed.

As we move to regain past hay days, as has been the practice by Acholi Youths for Sustainable Development who used to host annually started by Pawel Youth in Amuru District. But, later was hijacked by Acholi cultural festival, although such events started from 2014, but when it was initiated by Ker Kwaro Acholi in 2017, it died a natural death. Such event was meant for Acholi cultural festivity.

Rwot Latim of Pawel says in 2014 they came up with a pronouncement to revive cultural rights of women, environment and food security, since then it became non functional, this time the need to revise it.











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